Are you a music fan looking to become a better musician? If so, then the Orb Music Studio blog page is perfect for you. Our handy guides and blog posts provide helpful advice on how to improve your musical skills from the comfort of your own home. Let’s take a look at some of the topics we cover!


Music Theory Basics

One of our most popular topics is music theory basics. We offer comprehensive guidance on topics such as scales, chords, intervals, and more! Our goal is to make sure that our readers understand the fundamentals that underpin all great music. Learning basic music theory will ultimately make you a better musician and help you create your own unique style.

Techniques and Tips

On top of providing basic music theory guides, we also offer techniques and tips that can help enhance your playing ability. These include advice on improving rhythm, chord voicings, improvisation, and more! Whether it’s strumming patterns or finger style techniques, our blog has something for everyone looking to become a better musician.

Recording Advice

Finally, we also provide advice about recording music in both digital and analog form. This includes tips on how to get the best sound from your recordings. To ensure that our readers have all the information they need to get started with their own projects, we also offer tutorials about using various types of software such as Pro Tools. At Orb Music Studio, we know just how important it is for musicians of all levels to hone their craft in order to reach their full potential. That’s why our blog page provides comprehensive resources on topics such as music theory basics, techniques & tips, and recording advice; all designed to help aspiring musicians become better players and achieve their goals in the world of music! If you’re looking for ways to improve your musical skillset then make sure you check out our handy guides today!