Discover Orb Studios Creative Portfolio: Showcasing Sound Production Excellence in Bridgwater, Somerset

Welcome to the Orb Studios portfolio in Bridgwater, Somerset, where we showcase various creative projects we’ve enjoyed working on. As a rising studio in the industry, we are committed to quality and driven by our passion for bringing artists’ visions to life.

Discover our diverse work, featuring behind-the-scenes videos of our production process and professionally produced songs.

Behind-the-Scenes Videos

Our behind-the-scenes videos offer a fascinating glimpse into the heart of Orb Studios. See first-hand the dedication of our team to the creative process and the collaborative environment that fosters the realisation of each project.

Recording Sessions

Get an insider’s view of our intimate recording sessions, highlighting our cutting-edge equipment and the meticulous care to capture each artist’s distinct sound.

  • Mixing and Mastering: Watch the complex mixing and mastering process at Orb Studios as our talented engineers fine-tune every component to produce a polished final piece.
  • Creative Collaboration: Immerse yourself in the collaborative spirit of our studio, with artists and producers joining forces to cultivate innovative ideas and achieve the desired sound.


Our collection of songs showcases the varied talents of the artists we’ve partnered with and our unwavering commitment to exceptional sound production.

Encompassing an array of genres and styles, these tracks demonstrate the one-of-a-kind soundscapes and atmospheres achievable at Orb Studios in Bridgwater, Somerset. We invite you to explore our portfolio and experience the creative excellence that Orb Studios offers.

Whether you’re a music enthusiast, an aspiring artist, or a fellow creative professional, we hope our work inspires and resonates with you as we continue to expand and leave our mark in the industry.

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