Comprehensive Audio Services at Orb Studios, Bridgwater, Somerset

Welcome to Orb Studios, your one-stop audio solution located in Bridgwater, Somerset. We are dedicated to providing various services to meet your audio needs, including:

  • Mixing,
  • Mastering,
  • Song writing,
  • Podcasting,
  • Jingle Production,
  • Voice Overs,
  • Studio Hire,
  • Artist Development,
  • Demo Recording.

Our highly skilled engineers are adept at combining analogue and digital techniques to create the ideal mix for your project. We prioritise delivering top-quality mixes by utilising cutting-edge outboard equipment and software plugins.

Our mastering service transforms well-mixed tracks into exceptional masters by improving clarity and definition without compromising the original mix’s essence. We use top-tier analogue and digital equipment to ensure your music sounds its best before release.

For artists seeking to showcase their talents, we offer demo recording services. Our team can provide support with lyrics, instrumentation, and production as needed, helping you create a polished and professional demo that captures your unique sound.

Our experienced songwriters work closely with artists to help them craft a unique sound through engaging lyrics and melodies, offering guidance throughout the process. As podcasting continues to gain popularity, our team provides professional podcasting services to create captivating content that resonates with listeners and highlights your distinct voice.

Our jingle production services specialise in composing memorable tunes and producing high-quality recordings for advertising and marketing campaigns, bringing your vision to life. In addition to our other services, we also provide artist development programs designed to nurture and grow your musical abilities.

Our comprehensive approach includes mentoring, coaching, and support, enabling you to reach your full potential as an artist. We offer voiceover services and studio hire options for those who prefer to record their projects independently. With an extensive selection of microphones and equipment available for rent, we ensure a seamless recording experience for any project. Assistance is available upon request.

Explore Our Services Below:

We invite you to browse our comprehensive range of services below to find the perfect fit for your audio needs.

Whether you’re an aspiring musician or an established artist, our skilled team is here to help you elevate your sound and make your musical dreams a reality. Orb Studios is committed to helping musicians and creators develop their unique sound while delivering outstanding audio quality.

Contact us today to make your musical dreams a reality.