Orb Music has a team of professional music engineers dedicated to helping musicians bring their projects to life. Each engineer is an expert in their field and brings an array of skills and experience to the table. We’d like to introduce our lead engineer, Alex Locke, and is a master of his craft. Let’s take a closer look at what he brings to the studio.

Alex Locke: Engineer Extraordinaire

Alex has been producing and engineering music professionally for many years. He specialises in mixing, mastering, sound design, and production for both digital and analog recordings. His attention to detail makes him one of the most sought-after engineers in the business. He also has a knack for understanding what clients are looking for—and then delivering it! When asked why he set up Orb Music Studio, Alex said that “My vision provides me with all the tools I need to make great music happen”.

Mixing & Mastering Magic

Mixing and mastering are two essential processes when creating any kind of audio recording— and Alex is no stranger to either one. He excels at bringing together various elements such as EQ’s, compression, effects processing, panning, reverb etc., into one cohesive mix that sounds great on any playback device. His knowledge in this area helps him create unique sounds while still maintaining clarity and depth in every recording he works on. And when it comes to mastering his mixes? You can expect nothing but perfection with Alex at the helm!

Production & Sound Design Skills

In addition to mixing & mastering magic, Alex also has extensive experience with production & sound design work too! He is extremely knowledgeable about both digital & analog audio setups;
whether you’re looking for some vintage-sounding guitar tones or modern EDM vibes – Alex can help bring your project to life. From recording sessions through post-production editing – he always ensures that everything sounds perfect before handing off the final product!

At Orb Music Studios we have an incredible team of professionals eager to help you reach your musical goals – led by none other than our Lead Engineer Alex Locke! If you’re looking for someone with expertise in mixing & mastering, production & sound design – then look no further than him! With many years worth of experience under his belt – there’s no doubt that you’ll be satisfied with whatever project you give him! So don’t hesitate; contact us today so we can get started bringing your musical vision into reality!